General FAQs

Do you have walk in hours?

We are an appointment only studio so we do not have walk in hours. We want to focus on you and make sure your experience is present and complete.

What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact us is by texting us to 651 200 2059 or using our chat feature on the website. Another way is to email us at  Our response will be as soon as possible and messages after 5pm will typically be viewed the next day.

How do I make an appointment?

 We have an appointment calendar on our website that will show open times. Once an appointment is made, we will contact you and go over your needs.

Do you do appraisals?

 We do not do appraisals on items we have not appraised in the last 7 years or are purchased elsewhere. Appraisals done by Jay F Jeweler earlier than 2017 would be considered a new appraisal provided we made the item.

Do you evaluate my inherited jewelry with verbal opinions of value?

We do not provide verbal values of items. 

Do you buy gold and diamonds?

We do buy gold by appointment only and only gold and platinum. We do not buy most silver items. We typically do not buy diamonds and gemstones unless they are certified and natural only.

Can I trade my gold for my custom design/redesign or any other purchase?

Yes, precious metals can be used to pay for your project or purchase and is very common. 

FAQs Custom

Do you make any items in silver?

 We are very limited manufacturing silver. Silver items are typically made by a partner and are limited to Men’s rings and wedding bands. 

What metals can be used for my custom design/redesign?

 We use recycled metal alloys in all qualities of gold and platinum. Our source for metals are local and have been local since 1978.

Can you set my gem stones and diamonds?

 We can set your items provided they are in excellent condition without cracks and damage. Our minimum size for your items to be set is 2mm. Gemstones under 2mm will be supplied by us. Exceptions are limited but possible depending on the project and how they are set in your item supplied by you.

Is there a fee for a custom design/redesign consultation?

 There is no fee for an appointment. There is a fee of $125.00 to create a design and a prototype of the new item that can be handled and tried on by you. This fee is not applied to your final cost.

How long does a design/redesign consultation take?

 Typical appointments take roughly 30 to 45 minutes. We will contact you once an appointment is made and our conversation will determine the appointment length.

Do you sell your designs or any part of CAD/CAM created by Jay F Studio?

Our designs created in CAD are not sold, prototypes are sold to you with the consultation fee.

Can I use my gold or platinum to make my new item? 

It is not recommended to use old gold as it is contaminated from wear and solder applied. Precious metals do not cast efficiently or produce quality features when cast multiple times. In the case of a sentimental desire to use some of your metals, there is a fee of $ 170.00 added to the project. A separate process must be used in the case.

How long does it take to have an item designed or redesigned?

 From the initial appointment to completion the average time is 6 weeks. Much depends on your availability to come back to approve the design and your availability for pick up. It will take a minimum of three visits to complete your new item.

What if I do not like my item when it is completed?

 We have 42 years of experience in custom design and redesign and have come to be careful and as complete as possible during the process. We do everything needed to insure a very happy result!  Our process is trusted and always improving in this regard.

Do you make molds of your work?

 We do not make molds but anything made by us typically is done using technologies that can be repeated later if there is a loss, theft or you want a duplicate made.

Do you make custom bridal rings?

 We do! We have very good and long-standing sources for colored gemstones and diamonds. Our relationships with our vendors go back decades. This gives us an advantage when presenting the perfect gemstone or diamond.

Can you make an item I I saw at another jeweler or in a publication?

We do not copy others work. Copyright laws and patents in some cases does not
allow this. Pictures or something you may have seen are for reference only to
inspire ideas.

Repairs FAQs

Do you repair fashion jewelry or non-precious metal items?

 Jay F studio does not repair any items that are not made of platinum or gold. All qualities of gold are acceptable if they are solid. Silver repairs are limited.

Do you restring beads or pearls? 

 We do not respring beads or pearls.

Do you offer ring sizing?

 We size rings up and down to fit. Charges for this service are based on the finished size, the shank size and the number of gemstones set in the ring. The charges for the work is estimated at the time of drop off.

Do I need an appointment to drop of my repairs or sizing?

 We do require an appointment to visit our studio. Repair appointments are usually only 15 minutes.

Do you service watches or repair watch bands?

 We do not service watches or repair watch bands.

Do you have a minimum fee for repairs? 

 We do have a minimum fee of $25.00 for any repair.

Is my jewelry cleaned and inspected during the repair process?

 We carefully inspect and clean your items before we begin the repair and you ring will be as close to new as possible when picked up.

Can sterling silver be repaired?

We do not work on Sterling silver items without prior discussion. We do not repair
chains, bracelets, rings with gemstones, earrings, made of silver.