CLIQ’s blend of innovation, precision engineering, and custom craftsmanship results in a beautiful, durable ring that fits perfectly.

JF Studio is an authorized dealer and offers EXPERT INSTALLATION of this unique technology.

What is CLIQ?
CLIQ is the secret to the perfect ring fit that creates a seamless hinge that makes your ring look and feel like it was custom-made for you – because it was.

CLIQ developed the highest quality hinged ring technology to allow your ring to fit securely at the base of your finger - rather than sliding over your knuckle.

There are two ways to include a CLIQ shank

  1. RetroFit your current ring with a CLIQ shank
  2. Customize/Design a brand new ring that includes the CLIQ shank

NOTE: Not all existing rings can be retrofit to accommodate a CLIQ shank - Schedule a JEWELRY REPAIR appointment to have your ring evaluated for this unique technology.

1. Who benefits from having a CLIQ shank ring?
Arthritic Conditions, Permanent Injuries, Athletic Lifestyles

2. Can I have a CLIQ shank integrated into a custom ring?
We are one of the few jewelers in the country that can integrate the CLIQ technology into a new custom designed ring (Sometimes this option is a better value).

3. Who benefits from having a CLIQ shank ring?
A process involving removing the original shank and replacing it with a hinged CLIQ shank. The ring is carefully blended to maintain its original beauty and appearance.