Any piece of jewelry purchased at Jay F Studio will be under full warranty for one year after the purchase date.  This includes inspections, cleaning, polishing, and tightening stones. After one year, we will continue to inspect, clean, polish and tighten loose stones for no charge for as long as you own the item.  However, if a stone cannot be tightened without the addition of metal by soldering or laser welding, you will be charged to complete the repair.

Lost or damaged stones will be replaced up to $300.00 if the loss is due to workmanship or defective materials.  If a diamond valued over $300 is lost due to workmanship or defective materials, we will pay the insurance deductible up to $500 if the stone is replaced by us.  I1 clarity diamonds are excluded from warranty. If after one year a stone falls out due to normal wear, we will not be responsible for replacing the lost stone without a charge.

At the time of purchase, there will be no charge for the sizing down of chains, bracelets, or rings.  Estimates will be given in the case of sizing up a piece of jewelry. Warranty does not include sizing after the time of purchase.

Services such as rhodium plating and refurbishing on items purchased from us will be done at no charge for one year from the purchase date. For engagement rings, these services will be complimentary for one year or until the date of the wedding. After this, it is important to understand that these services will incur a charge, as they are part of normal maintenance.

If a piece of jewelry suffers damage due to negligence or exposure to pool/hot tub water, warranty will be void even during the first year.  If any work is done to your jewelry by another jeweler, warranty will be void even during the first year.