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CLIQ Hinge Ring

You Deserve a Ring That Fits.

The highest quality hinged ring technology to allow your ring to fit securely at the base of your finger - rather than sliding over your knuckle - ensuring a comfortable and long-lasting fit for life.

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My Journey Ring

What will your journey look like?

Your collection of inherited, passed down or gifted jewelry can now be combined into one spectacular piece that will show YOUR unique journey.

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Design Consultation

Our design consultations are by appointment and we are excited to join your journey towards a new and exciting heirloom! Use our appointment calendar to schedule an appointment.

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Jewelry Repair

We are able to repair nearly any Gold or Platinum jewelry item. We only repair certain items in silver. Ring sizing and prong/crown replacements are our specialty.

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Buy/Trade Gold

Gold and platinum (as well as some silver items) are able to be traded, same as cash, towards your purchase of a jewelry repair or design.

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