Recycled Gold and Precious Metals in Jewelry: Why it Matters

Recycled Gold and Precious Metals in Jewelry: Why it Matters

Recycled 14K Yellow Gold Grain

Here at Jay F. Jeweler, we provide high quality, 100% recycled precious metals in our custom designs. Including recycled precious metals like gold, platinum and silver in luxury jewelry is a great way for retailers, designers and consumers to make more sustainable choices in jewelry. Recycled precious metals improve the ethical responsibility, environmental stewardship and transparency of jewelry. It is important to note that recycled metals meet the same high-quality standards as precious metals sourced from a mine.

Recycled gold in jewelry has been around for decades, but it is moving towards the industry’s standard for many large and small jewelry businesses like Jay F. Jeweler. Below we discuss why we love recycled precious metals and choose recycled precious metals for our custom designed jewelry. 




Ethical Responsibility

Mining operations can contaminate the land and groundwater with harmful chemicals that endanger human communities as well as the wildlife in the area. By using recycled precious metals, jewelers can create stunning jewelry pieces and reuse materials already in circulation. 

Jay F. Jeweler has a closed loop precious metal supply chain. We are a licensed gold, platinum and silver buyer and send the precious metal we buy to a local refinery. We then purchase our recycled precious metals from the same local refinery. This allows us to rely on our community to provide high-quality products and services to our customers. 


Environmental Stewardship

Recycled Silver Grain

Mining can be harmful to the regions where operations for precious metals occur. It isn’t just the disturbance to the land that can be problematic - the chemicals and solutions used to separate precious metals from the rocks on site can - and have - contaminated the land and groundwater in mining regions. The remediation efforts for these contaminants are complex and take time. In many areas, remediation efforts never occur and the land and people are left to suffer the consequences from precious metal mining operations. 

Using recycling precious metals allows us to create new jewelry while limiting the environmental degradation that occurs from new mining operations.  




Community Transparency

Using recycled precious metals means that retailers can guarantee the quality and status of their precious metals. Here at Jay F. Jeweler, we use a local refinery to purchase 100% recycled precious metals for new custom designs. We also send gold scraps to the refinery to be processed back to 24k gold and specific precious metal alloys for new jewelry. Using recycled precious metals prolongs the use of precious metals that have already been mined and are currently in circulation. In addition, we are contributing to our local economy by purchasing our recycled precious metals locally.


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