2020 Sustainability Report – Jay F. Jeweler

2020 Sustainability Report – Jay F. Jeweler

When you think about upcycling, what do you picture? Most people typically associate clothing or furniture with upcycling, but here at Jay F. Jeweler, we’re all about upcycling precious metals and gemstones to help create a more sustainable industry, and to capture beautiful memories through jewelry. For our business, contributing to sustainable jewelry means:

  • Reducing jewelry waste from damaged or broken jewelry
  • Reusing materials already in circulation
  • Recycling precious metals





Jay F. Jeweler focuses on these three goals through our redesign jewelry and jewelry repair services. The longer we can extend the life of your jewelry, the more sustainable jewelry production becomes. That is why we help you give new life to your old jewelry through redesigns, and why we repair jewelry regardless of where and when it was purchased. 

2020 was a year of hardship, adaptation and perseverance for small businesses like ours. Even with these challenges, we had some pretty wonderful moments on our sustainability journey:


 2020 Sustainability Results:

  • We sent over 672 rings worth of gold and precious metals to a local refinery to be recycled
  • We created 78 redesigned jewelry pieces
  • We reused over 400 diamonds and gemstones in custom redesigns (reusing the customer’s own gems in the new jewelry)
  • We completed over 3,000 jewelry repair jobs
  • We created 197 custom jewelry pieces with recycled gold from a local refinery



Jay F. Jeweler is a Minnesota and Dakota County certified buyer of precious metals. Customers bring their unworn or broken jewelry to us and we buy the gold and precious metal and send the materials to a local Minnesota refinery. The gold and precious metals are then processed back to 24K to be alloyed into yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, etc. We purchase these recycled and refined precious metals to create our new custom and redesigned jewelry. This allows Jay F. Jeweler to provide our customers with high quality and responsibly sourced precious metal jewelry. 


In 2020 we purchased and sent 2,620.14 grams of gold, silver and platinum to a local refinery in Minnesota. For reference, an average size ring will use around 3.89 grams of gold - many minimalist style rings use even less gold. This means that we helped recycle over 672 rings worth of gold and precious metals in 2020. These recycled metals can now be used in future rings and jewelry.


We Helped Recycle Over 672 Rings Worth of Gold in 2020

Redesign - Reimagine - Upcycle Your Jewelry

Infographic of the redesign process described in the paragraph below

Redesigning jewelry gives a new life to your oldest and most treasured pieces in your jewelry collection. If you have family jewelry collecting dust in your jewelry box but can’t bear to part with the ring or necklace, bring it to Jay F. Jeweler. We will help you create a style that is undeniably you with the gems from your family jewelry. In the past year, we have helped 78 customers redesign beloved jewelry into beautiful and personalized new jewelry.

Redesigning jewelry can be a great option for customers looking for a new jewelry item that is ethical, sustainable, and cost effective. Because you bring in your old jewelry to be used in the redesign, we can use diamonds and gemstones you already own. Even better, we will buy the gold from the ring or mounting, and you can use it as a credit towards the new design. 

Nothing needs to be wasted. All components of your jewelry can be reused or responsibly recycled.

Jewelry Repair - You Don’t Have to Part with Your Damaged Jewelry

In addition to our gold and precious metal buying and redesign services, we have also repaired over 3,000 jewelry pieces in 2020. Repairing jewelry is an essential service we provide that extends the longevity of your favorite jewelry pieces and curbs the production and waste cycle of the jewelry industry. 

Don’t give up on your favorite jewelry pieces that have been damaged or seen better days. Jay F. Jeweler is a fully operational repair shop, and we complete all repairs in store in Apple Valley, Minnesota. Before you say goodbye to your damaged jewelry, bring it to Jay F. Jeweler for a free inspection. We would be honored to help you extend the life of your everyday and luxury jewelry items. 

If you have any questions about our redesign or repair services, please check out the FAQs on our website for more information.

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