The Jay F. Custom Process

The Jay F. Custom Process

Whether you're interested in creating a ring from scratch or redesigning your grandmother's wedding set into a pendant, if you've never gone through the custom design process you likely have some questions. The phrase "custom design" might sound intimidating, complicated and expensive, but we're here to make it fun, simple and budget friendly. 

The first step is to meet with one of our designers.  If you have ideas of what you want made, they can help you put together a design that not only looks like you want it to, but one that will be mechanically sound and stand up to daily wear.  If you don't know what you want made, a designer can walk you though your options in a way that is helpful and not overwhelming.

The designer will sketch out your concept, often times during that first meeting.  If you have several stones from different pieces you're wanting incorporated into a single item, the designer may want to take a little more time after you leave to draw out a few options for you to come back in to view. 

Once the design concept is settled on one of our CAD Artists will build a 3D model of it in the computer.  They will use that computer file to print a 3D model for you to hold and look at in order to help you visualize all aspects of the finished product.  Once the design is built in the computer, we will be able to calculate an estimate for you in the metal you're interested in. We can do multiple estimates in different metals if you are undecided.  It usually takes two weeks or less to get these steps ready for you.

After you view the models we can make any necessary changes. Some changes can be performed while you're here and others may take more time.  Once you give us the go-ahead, it typically takes three weeks to finish the piece. 

And that's it on your end! All the rest of the magic happens within our shop.  The piece is cast, any stones are set, and the metal is polished to perfection.

Speaking as a jeweler, there is no feeling quite like the satisfaction of presenting a customer with a finished custom piece and seeing their face light up as they try it on for the first time.  We know a custom piece is often long anticipated and holds special meaning for the wearer either due to the design itself or the story behind the stones included in it. We count it an honor to work with our customers on these special pieces. 

14kwg Three Stone Diamond Ring

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