Joshua Feichtinger’s Hand Engraving Competition Entry

Joshua Feichtinger’s Hand Engraving Competition Entry

Jay F. Jeweler is fortunate to work with Joshua Feichtinger, an incredibly talented hand engraver. Feichtinger has been hand engraving since 2008 and has produced countless unique and timeless custom made jewelry pieces and metal works. His engraving on Jay F. Jeweler custom jewelry brings a subtle but distinct magic and elegance to rings and pendants, or a bold, masculine and personal statement to signet rings and jewelry.

Over the past year Feichtinger has participated in Tyler Gun Works Extravaganza which is currently the largest hand engraving contest in history! 

The first medium contestants were given was an engraving plate; the top 10 rated engravers were then each sent a Colt SAA and given a year to perfect a design and engrave this medium.

Feichtinger’s entry shows an incredible appreciation for the craft and artistry involved in hand engraving. His entry was in the top 10 of 63 artists that participated in this competition. If you are interested in working with Feichtinger on a custom hand engraved piece, contact him at or Jay F. Jeweler at You can check out more of his incredible work on Instagram @hand_engraving_mn. 

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